Word Inventiveness

defunambuligatorbating <--- interesting story about this... an english teacher of mine used to get pissed at me for using words she didnt know... when she heard I was graduating early, and upon the realization that she would never have to deal with me again, I became one of her favorite students, regardless of how much sh*t I gave her :D At this point, I started making up words and using them in my essays - she didn't bother checking any of them out, assuming they were just more esoteric combinations of letters... "defunambuligatorbating", needless to say, is my particular favorite, and has found its way into many a-paper :cool:






^^ funny story behind the OINGRISH word.... lol, meant to say speak english to my g/f when she screwed up and came up out with oinglish... so i changed to oingrish and made it my own little language... i should make a dictionary and add all the words from thsi thread into it...