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Word Converters


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Thanks BonyTony, I am not too sure if word 2002, as part of XP office, has converters on the CD. I haven't had a chance to check yet. It is a friend of mine, who has upgraded to word 2002, from word 1997, and they tell me that they are unable to view documents that were made using word 97. I'll have to have a look at their computer when I get a chance. Thanks again for your help. The first link looked promising, but I couldn't see a reference to Word 2002. The second link has a large download, which on my 56k modem would take forever to download.



Upgrading to Microsoft Office XP from a previous version of Office is a straightforward process. The file formats for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint have not changed since Office 97, and users upgrading from these versions do not need to convert any files. Microsoft Outlook 2002 users can continue to use data files and address books created in Outlook 2000. Microsoft Access 2002 users can work with databases in two file formats — Access 2000 and an enhanced Access 2002 format.

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