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16 Dec 2001
Anyone using Word 2002 know why the (th) after a date, would stop going to the top of the figure, and look similar to this (12th) instead. My version is working OK, but my brother has found that his is no longer showing the date the way he likes.
I don't use office 2002/XP that much, but my girl says to me that she can no longer do underlining in different colours, like she could on office 2000.
Should be able to change the underline colour by going to format->font and changing the underline style and underline colour

The option to set the date as superscript on the "th" or "rd" etc is under tools->auto correct options -> autoformat tab and tick the box that begins "Ordinals...." if its already ticked try unticking it and then oking it all then re ticking it
You can manualy set superscript and subscript but pressing ctrl&+ or ctrl&-

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