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Wooooo! Freaking! Yeah!

I just hit upon the most awseom audio combo!

X-Fi, z5500 + Tchiakovskky's 1812 Overture.

Just blew me away :D

Now you all need to go do the same!

:D :D


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Sounds like a good setup. When I get my new system I'll look into that. I have been looking at the z5500 speakers.


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I'd have to get a new headset before I get a new sound setup.

One of these days :)

Have a small bonus next month.

I might buy.

Stuff. :cool:


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It's all me. I want a nice house and I want to have a nice home for Erica, myself and our future offspring. I want to move one time, and one time only from our current condo to a house. I'd rather be poor for the next 5-10 years then have to move again once our "Soccer Team" falls into place :p


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it is all you, up until you move into the house. Then when she starts the nesting phase of the pregnancy, you become a glorified furniture mover,redecorator.:)

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