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wont record!

I recorded several cd’s ,thinking I would record them to my alt. computer. But when I put them in to play wmp does’nt give me the option to record or play like it usually does,it only gives me the option to play .i cannot record ,I did the same process to several other cd-r at the same time & I can record them.
Anyone know why this might occur?


you talking ripping the cd or recording the cd ?? If you are talking about ripping, don't use wmp - use something like EAC or CDex, or if you are a beginnner Audiograbber is good to use .. If you are talking about recording I can't imagine how bad the sound quality is ..
i can record the other cd-r's on wmp thats what i don't understand ,why certain cd-r's i have burned Will go ahead and record but this is the first time it will not let me record?
the quality of the recording is good.

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