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won't be on here for a few days *reason enclosed*


The One and Only
Well..... i won't be on OSNN for a few days (unless i go to Best Buy or somethin and try to get on with one of their computers)..... shipping my 7800GT to eVGA for the Step-Up program.... getting a 7900GT CO Superclocked for i think like $48 shipped 2nd day....... PLUS.... just ordered a second 7900GT CO Superclocked from TigerDirect.... 2nd day shipping.... hopefully it'll be here by Monday..... Tuesday at the latest..... then i'll have a nice SLI rig that should last me quite some time (or at least until hopefully late May.... when i make another splooge on an Ageia PhysX card.... $250-300). down to $5x in my bank account.... but have some money i can put in tomorrow to get it back over $200. So..... i guess i'll talk to you all later..... probably with a review of the 7900GT CO Superclocked when i get it..... and then possibly with the SLI review (probably some pics too)


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Paypal is awesome, just add a checking acount or debit account and your good to go. Why might i ask did this come to mind though? Its kinda random


The One and Only
boy do you people know me too well...... first checked the tracking info on the card i ordered from TigerDirect to see where it was..... that was on Friday... the day after i ordered it.... down at Computer Pals. Now..... i'm on my friend's computer... just checked tracking info.... now came here

P.S. i think it is something in the water.....


The One and Only
*update* well..... got the first 7900GT. can't really notice any difference at the moment.... computer probably is gonna need a reformat. one thing i can clearly tell though (which i wasn't anywhere close to expecting from the card) is that the fan on it is remarkably quiet.... or at least seems quieter than the fan on the eVGA 7800GT CO. there's a nice review of it on 3DGameMan's website too (the 7900GT CO Superclocked...). i kinda plan on reformatting once i get the second one, and then once i mess around with it a bit, i'll probably post in here with my impressions on the card *probably will just change the first post then*.

P.S. is it just me.... or is the way that the guy from 3DGameMan talks in the video reviews really.... REALLY annoying? can't stand how he pauses after every few words for a second or two. think he should really either a) have the speech already put together, or b) just talk about it on the fly.... improv if you will....
sadly my Step-Up process did not finish until this morning, so no card for me till tomorrow afternoon (thank god for 2nd day air shipping..... did i say that here already? lol). for the review and stuff i'm probably just gonna start a new thread.... one with a more descriptive title... straight and to the point. anyone have anything specific they'd like me to test once i get the card? HL2: Lost Coast fps? 3dMark05? Condemned: Criminal Origins?
Quit whining. 7 days is damn impressive for an exchange program. Most places would still be searching the loading dock for the card you returned.
well..... 7 days to complete from shipping to them, to them shipping to me. 8 days for it to go from me, back to me..... and that's also paying for i think 3rd day shipping to get it to them, and 2nd day for on the way back.

So..... any input as to what i should try running on it? card should be here by tomorrow morning/noonish.
might just do that. only thing i hate.... is that Oblivion isn't really that different from Morrowind. only thing that's different is that the stuff in Oblivion is a bit prettier and shinier. the weapons and stuff (least to me and a friend of mine) seem to be kinda bland yet.

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