Wonder if any one can help me with my ati radeon 9700 pro

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by DooMeR, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. DooMeR

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    Av just got meself that card after installing it and runing 3dmark 2001 and 2003 even tho the scores were realy good.
    I notissed that ther was one hell off a lot of glitching going on.
    Like when youv overclocked a card but offcourse i ant overclocked this card cos av just got it.
    All my games run realy well onit but the glitching keeps on happening av triyed install the latest drivers to no aval.
    Even tho the problam isent that bad and i can play the games still its still realy pissing me off that this is happening.
    Has any one here got the same card as me if so have u had the same problams.
    Am runing this card on a.

    amdxp 2600
    768 2100 ddr

    any help would be apreshated thanks.

    ps am dislecsic so am sorry about the spelling :)
  2. chris

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    I havent got a Radeon 9700 pro, but the glitching problem could be heat related. Is the fan on the card ok? and does it feel like it is getting overly hot after being used?

    Getting too hot could be the cause of the glitching every now and then
  3. Sazar

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    it could be that you received a bad sample as well... if the glitching is like overclocking... it may be a bad card...

    have you tried using the product in another system and seeing if the glithcing duplicates itself ? if it does... it is pretty much the card... else it could be something else in your setup...

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  4. DooMeR

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    I have notissed the gcard is prity hot but i wouldent say very hot av got a fan on the top as well as the botom now so its prity mutch coverd.
    The thing is it only start glitching in game av ran q2 and nothing is rong with it but warcraft 3 and the game i got with the gcard itself 4x4 evo 2 have a lot of glitching happening it duent dissrupt the games u can still see whots going on and.
    the game plays with a hiyer fps then av ever been youst to but the glitching wont stop.
    av triyed reinstalling drivers and bios setup to no avail hopeing that it will sort it out but it dusent seem lickly.
    I realy dont wont to have to bring this card back having resently bort and sold a gf fx 5600 in the past week is ther anything elss any could think it mite be!

  5. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    when your computer is off... gently prod the heat sink and see if it moves.. it should not but since you are getting glitches like you describe it might possiby be due to heat issues...

    alternatively dl all the patches you can find for the card and see if that helps...

    btw... bios setup for the motherboard or the card ?

    which one did you play around with ?
  6. hsmit

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    make sure the ati 9700 has the power plug seated firmly. if it isnt, it will be quite unstable. with the current drivers, you should have no problem.
  7. LeeJend

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    Glitching doesn't describe much to me.

    Is a large portion of the screen ok then a part of the image jumps and the rest is ok. It looks like a photo torn that was pasted back together unevenly.
    (Called picture tearing and means that the VSync is turned OFF so when the computer updates the picture on the screen only a part of the picture gets displayed before a new picture starts writing.)
    If this is it you just turn on the VSYNC by right clicking an empty area of the screen, select properties, settings, advanced, Direct3D tab. Select always On for the "Wait for vertical Sync".


    Are there random spots or lines on the screenwhere they shouldn't be? (They're called artifacts and usually indicate card is hot or overclocked.)
    Check the case temperature. You can read it in Bios, using a tool from the MB manufacturer, Sisoft Sandra, or stick a small thermometer inside the case and let it run for 30 minutes, preferable while playing a game. If it's above 40C (105F) the card may be overheating. Let us know and we can recommend ways to get the temperature down. The new video cards add a lot of heat to the case so you may have to add extra cooling.

    I got a new 9500 Pro and scared the crap out of myself because it was tearing and I didn't know about Vsync. Some of the ATI drivers default Vsync Off. Vsync makes the benchmark scores come out lower because it limits your frmaes per second to the monitors vertical sync (60-85 hz). SO you turn Vsync off to benchmark and then set it on to get rid of tearing in some games.

    Good luck. This is the first I've heard of a bad Radeon 9000 series card.