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So how many of you play it? i've started playing it + really love it :p

i know Sazar + [e]-punk play as well as chriss :cool:


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there may be few compared to CS... but hacking is not like it is on CS and its a heck of a lot mroe fun when you have a GOOD server with about 30 odd people and all the players have decent skill level :D

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Problem with that is, I don't think its in development anymore... you never know tho.
ET was of course the result of a cancelled RTCW retail addon - which was a bit pants, tho I am sure alot of us would have been happy to give a second opinion.


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The people at Splash Damage are busy playing with the new Doom3 engine, working on bits and bobs for that. I'd be very surprised if any more official patches/releases come out


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I really like this game because you get promoted to higher rank with more goodies the longer and better you play. I play regularly at the earthquake gaming servers and the McP server. I have tried servers that use custom maps and some of them are quite good. But this game does not start getting good until you know all the details of the maps and their secrets and hiding places.


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It should be interesting when Urban Terror gets ported to ET. Still no word if the current UrT Mac users will be left out in the cold or not.

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Yeah, cos basically ET will be using the latest build of the q3 engine, whereas I don't eventhink UT uses the Team arena engine?


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I must be a real ET junkie - I usually get between 800-1200 xp for a 6-map campaign. The key is to work your way up in a category and then move to a new category. Medic is the easiest way to start building up xp and reach rank of lieutenant. My favorite is field ops because my reflexes are not fast enough to out-shoot someone in a close-up small arms confrontation, but I find really good hiding places from which to call in artillery and air support.


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Now what would be a good little "guide" for someone who has just started out playing? Anyone have a link or something like that? I guess I should rtfm first ;)

I find it a bit overwhelming with so many people on a server :p

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