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WMV to DVD burner???


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Ok guys, I need a little help...

Here is what I am looking for, a software package that can burn from WMV to other formats. and that works well...

This software will be used to transfer stored WMV files to a DVD for use by a instructor or student to show what was conducted correctly or incorrectly.

I will post the make and model of the DVD recorder once I get it back... I forgot to ask.

It would be nice for this software to be as flexible as possible.

Also cost is a factor, as there will be many PC's this software will need to be installed on...

If you have used such a software and are happy with the product and its technical suport, PLEASE let me know what that software is.

Lastly, because this will be used on a government LAN freeware/shareware are NOT permitted, so please only list COTS software...


Mike A!


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Couldn't you just right click burn to DVD? Also sad that you have to use WMV. :(

*edit* - wait .. you say "burn to other formats" - you mean transcode to other formats? Or to convert satans spawn of a file format (WMV) to DVD (so you could say pop it into a DVD player) ?
Do the files on the DVD have to play in home electronics or will they be used exclusively on Windows based PC's (not MAC's, not Linux based, but windows PC's only)?

If only used on PC's just copy the file .WMV to a DVD. (Drag and drop, rigth click as per XIE, etc.)

If you want to transcode and CREATE a DVD playable in any DVD compliant player that is different. I'm 3 hours into a nasty recode right now so I'll get back to you as soon as I can check some app's on my video processing system.

Ok. Nero Vision Express app in the full Nero 6 version works. Create a DVD, select the WMV file(s), keep hitting next until done. You can add title screens etc. also. It may be easier or harder in more recent versions of Nero, but (they bloated it) but I figure a copy of Nero 6 should be available to just about everybody.
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WMV is a very good file format if you are only encoding for PC's. Its the only place I've seen VC1 encoded HD content so far which gives amazing picture quality :)


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Ok sorry guys, yes I should have been more specific... wmv to dvd or other formats... a converter rather than a burn type software... for Windows XP install

The storage device we will be using stores the files as wmv, and we would like to play the files on standard DVD players, or perhaps in other handheld devices Ipods, blackberries, etc...

The few I found so far are:

Mobiola Video studio
Xilisoft to DVD converter
ImTOO DVD Creator: DVD Movie Creator, Convert/Burn WMV to DVD, MP4 to DVD

Here are two more that I would like to know more about:
Windows DVD maker - but it looks like this is Windows Vista or later only... :(

Since this will be used on government PC's the software I use must be either on CD/DVD, as in no digital distribution ONLY software...

Mike A!
Nero would be my first choice since none of the material you will be working with is copy protected.

I've used several of the others you listed over the years but they were buggy.

I use and like MPEG Video Wizard DVD, but it is expensive and on top of that they nickel and dime you making you buy multiple version$ or the whole package $et to support different file formats.

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