.wmv problems


the retarded one
29 Jul 2002
i dont know why but suddenly i cant play .wmv files without my computer crashing. sometimes i can play one for a while but i get the weird green squares all over the video like it's the wrong codec and eventually the top half of my screen will freeze, along with the rest shortly after. random clicking around with the mouse and i get a beep from the mobo, and then it's dead...restart required. i've installed the latest media player 11, reinstalled the old one, tried codec packs, latest video card drivers etc but nothing seems to work. and i havent a clue why
does this happen only with wmv files? high definition wmv?

sounds more like a graphics card problem than codec
any wmv files, graphics card is x1600 pro, latest drivers installed.
Use DriverCleaner to wipe your drivers properly, and reinstall them. Follow the DriverCleaner instructions to the T.

You may want to reinstall your codecs afterwards, though I don't think it's neccessary.
probably a driver issue, downgrade them. but to be sure, try disabling wmv hardware acceleration in catalyst config
ok i've used drivercleaner (which i did before) but i've turned wmv acceleration off, i'll give it a try.

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