WMP9 Questions


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First off I'd like to say that I loved WMP9 until about 5 min ago. Heres what happened. I downloaded some WMV's from KaZaA and I got the little "need to update DRM" thingy and I clicked ok. Now I go to play the file and it says "Aquiring license" at the bottom of the player and after a few seconds a little pop up appears but it doesn't have anything in it, Its just the standard IE "cannot find server" page that I'm sure everyone has seen a few times. My questions is this... how to I play the file if WMP won't obtain the license for me? also is there a different player out there that won't ask try to get a license? and finally is there any progs that can convert WMV's to AVI or MPEG so I won't have to be concerned about getting the stupid license all the time.

Thanx for the help.


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I think i had this problem once, all i did was convert the .wma to a .mp3 file using www.wma-mp3.com thus removing the license thingy (yes, that is the correct technical term!)

Give that a go. Let us know if it works!