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I was wondering how (if?) it is possible to change the "Album Art" in the "Now Playing" info center in WMP9. Basically I've got a lot of CD's (game soundtracks, mostly) that I ripped onto my PC but the album art wasn't ever loaded into Microsoft's little album database. Therefore, I have this stupid blue music note for a lot of my albums. Any ideas on how to change this? Thanks!



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I've got one suggestion that you might try...

Browse to the folder on your hardisk that contains one of these albums that you'd like a picture for... all of the songs in that folder should be on that single album. Now, right-click the folder, select Properties, and click the Customize tab. There is a setting that will allow you to place a picture on the folder, so add the "album art" that you wish to display. When WMP9 downloads the album art, it shows up on these folders when you select Thumbnail View. I imagine that there's a possibility WMP9 will display the picture that you have selected when you play those tracks.

This is kind of a longshot, but it's all I could think of. Good luck! :)


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Yeah, I tried this. In fact, I went to some great lengths to actually find album art for some of these CDs. But as far as I could tell, WMP9 doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with the folder pictures. *shrugs* I don't know. Who else has some ideas?



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I've looked around a bit for another solution, but have come up empty-handed. Unfortunately, I'm doubting the ability to do this, since WMP9 interfaces with Microsoft's database directly to pull and display that information. If this is important to you, then you might consider looking for another media player that will allow you that advanced customization.


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alright... i think this is what you need. Make sure in the privacy tab of tools...options you have update my media information selected. Next, go to view...now playing options and make sure show media information is selected. Now itll show another blue note on the right above the album playlist, but at the top it says find album info. Click that and it will either go through each of the songs for you to pick which album its on, or if you're lucky, a listing of the album and all the songs will come up and you just have to click finish. But if its correctly tagged and not in the online database, which is what i think you're talking about, then this won't help at all.

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