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WMP running in the background


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Does wmplayer.exe only start after you load WMP, or does it run on startup as well? If it only starts when you load WMP, does it always continue to run after you close the program?

Some trojans and malware disguise themselves as familiar processes, such as wmplayer.exe. While it's not likely, there's always a chance that could be the problem. If you haven't already, it wouldn't hurt to scan your system with AdAware and Spybot.
Thanks for the advice!
I find wmplayer.exe running (sometimes- not always) after I exit from WMP and not at start-up. I have Ad-aware, Spybot and NAV2004 with the latest defs but they caught nothing.

Is it possible that it's just trying to connect to the internet and update or something?


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i think it is a virus, check the startup programs, start--->run---->msconfig and click on the start up tab, if wmplayer.exe is in there, then its probably a virus. had it on a friends pc and removed it, and thats what i think is happening in ur case, but im not sure since u said its not on start up
That's the first thing that came to my mind - that it's a virus. I scanned using NAV and I also looked in my startup but found nothing.
Thanks, themafia_69.
it used to happen to me soemtimes when i exit wmp the songs kept on playing but if the process just shows up then it's like muzikool said either trojan or malware
Well from my personal experience i wouldn't say it's anything malicious in anyway :cool: The only time that wmp will keep on playing once you've closed it is if explorer has crashed. wmp doesn't close properly, only the window

S'what happens to me anyway
Thanks for your advice, everyone. I'll try to scan using the 2 tools although I don't know how a trojan can get past my arsenal (SP2, NAV 2004, ZoneAlarm Pro and QwikFix :D ). If I don't find anything, it's probably (as Moonwraith said) nothing evil or harmful.

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