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WMP question?

I have a cool integrated headset MP3 player from Otto: http://www.hearotto.com/Products_OT3.aspx that I’m very fond of. I’m having a little difficulty putting my music on it, though, it uses Windows Media Player to load the songs and I put songs from my buddy’s MP3 player on my computer (he has one that works just like a hard drive) and the problem I have is that Windows Media Player isn’t listing the names of the tracks so I can't sort which I want on my headphones. Anyone know a way to get it to do that (other than entering everything by hand... :( )
Ah! Tag editor! I did not know such a thing existed. Thank you! That's exactly what I need. I was bummed out cuz I just got those headphones and they sound sweet and I'm excited to use them at the gym. Frustrating.

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