WMP 8.0 has lost the MP3 codec! help

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mcdruid, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. mcdruid

    mcdruid Guest

    I've been messing around with the multimedia codecs on my system to try and get WMP and apps like TMPGEnc to access a couple of DivX movies I've downloaded.

    I've finally got this working (with the SMR patch), but in the process seem to have messed up the basic mp3 codec for Windows Media Player.

    If I try and play any of my mp3's (which have always worked on WMP before) it says it's searching for the right codec - sends a request for the codec to the codec server, but then gives me an error message that the right codec is not available.

    The mp3's still play on other players (Real, Sonique etc.. and also the basic version of WMP v6.4 - mplayer2.exe) so I'm pretty sure the codec is still on my machine somewhere!!

    I think what may have caused the problem was installing the latest Nemo Codec Pack (via www.vcdhelp.com). This seemed to mess a few things up, so I removed it with the Control Panel.

    Does anyone know how to fix WMP 8.0?! by re-installing it for instance.

    Any help appreciated!

  2. ultraviolet7

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    has anyone had the problem where WMP 7.1 stops playing CDs. i also lost the drang-and-drop functionality of it. if anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know.
  3. ultraviolet7

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    mcdruid - i have seen that problem before and reinstalling it didn't fix it. i don't know how to fix it though, sorry. :(
  4. mcdruid

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    Thanks for that catch23, but I'm fine for an EN-coder (I'd use AudioGrabber followed by BladeEnc). I use WMP just as a simple player for (downloaded) mp3's. It's the part of the codec which does the DE-coding which I'm having the problem with.