WMIC GetObject Permission Denied Err.Number = 70


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31 Oct 2006
What could be the possible causes of the permission denied error on this line?

Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\pc_name\root\CIMV2")

hmm.. maybe not having permission to the computer you are trying to connect to?

Are you running the script under an account that has admin rights to the remote computer?
And are you sure the domain admins group has rights to access to the remote computer?

What OS is the remote computer running? What OS is the system you are running the script on? Are there firewalls involved? Client side or network side?

Are you trying to do double hop authentication?

What is the exact error message you are getting (ie: err.number and err.description)?

Is it just one computer? or all computers throwing this error back? Does it work connecting to the local computer?

Have you tried just connecting to the computer and not specifiing the namespace (ie: not \root\CIMV2)?)

Have you tried explicitly defining the authentication/impersonation level?
and/or explicitly defining username/password in your connection?

Have you tried just using IP address instead of computername?

Can you provide a little more info to try to help?

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