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23 Jan 2004
Does anyone know of a program that can change a WMA file to an MP3? IF you do please tell me
I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you.

Just kidding. Please do yourself a favour and do not transcode from WMA to MP3. The quality will only suffer immensely. Please, Please, Please re-rip directly to mp3.
There are several that will. Easy CD-DA Extractor and Musicmatch are what come to mind right away. I prefer SoundForge, though. The problem is that they aren't transcoded; they're resampled, and you lose the resolution of the sine wave and it starts sounding crappy.

Just for reference, the mp3 encoder in SoundForge has a bug. Referred to as "stereo collapse" It diminishes the width of the soundstage.

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