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WMA & MP3 Question


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am using nero 7 ultra edition to burn music, all do my MP3s can be add to the burn list but my WMA files cant. it wont add, everytime i try to add it pop up a caution message saying "one or more files can not be added to a compilation". so i used a WMA to MP3 conversion program and it still wont let me add the WMA files to be convert to MP3. can anyone help? thx in advance.


X2 & Lovin' It
Let's start by saying that your question could be a little more cleaned up!

Ok aside from that it seems you are attempting to burn something onto a CD using Nero, MP3s, & WMA's but it wont work?

Well if you are converting WMA's to MP3's use Acoustica MP3 converter. It is one of the best programs I have userd and it uses the LAME Encoder so it will do it at any setting you choose it to be (i.e. 128-320kbps)


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lol, sorry for the confusing. let me clear it up. nero wont let me burn my music files which is in WMA format. everytime i try to add it in to the burn list it pop up a caution message. and then i try using a conversion program to try and convert WMA to MP3, and it also didnt work. i guess my question is why wont nero let me add my WMA files to the burn list?

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