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with my cloaking device,teh anti grav shoes [true]

Perris Calderon

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no kidding

warning, pdf.

anyway, it's true, there is such a thing as anti gravity, einstien predicted this affect from spinning a super conductor, but, his prediction was a million, ,trillion, trillion times (magnitude 30), weaker then the experiments democtrate

they are actually predicting a device that will demonstarte gravitational effects in the order of 17 times (in order of magnitude) over normal matter.

huge...fuhriggin unbelievable

combine this with my new cloaking device which also already exists, then all I need is some warp speed, a miini synthetic worm hole, (my version of teleportation which as yet does not exist but we can hold our breaths, cuz it will), and off I go into star trek land

quite an "enterprise" don't you think?...I'm 'beaming"

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