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with a black berry can you sink outlooks calander too it?


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Venom, are you on blackberry enterprise server or just the desktop Manager?? I don't know much about using the Desktop Manager Software to sync as I use BES, but if you are using the desktop manager then try updating your blackberry software (both handheld and dekstop manager) it depends on what model your using but I have been told that the 4.0 versions are a huge leap forward from the 3.x. I'm using the latest 4.0 handheld software and it seems to be a lot better then the 3.7 was, I'm also using 4.0 desktop manager, but I don't get to use it much since almost everything is taken care of by the BES machine.



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a co worked was just asking about the capability of the blackberry device so as he could justify having the company buy him one. He decided not to peruse it anymore.

thanks anyways.

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LOL the thread title gave me a laugh

sink LOL

You mean sync! :p

He could always go for a PocketPC cell phone idea. Those are made to sync with outlook.

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