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Witch Doctor.



I wrote this very slowly, as I know you don`t read very fast.

A guy walks into his local Pub, after being away on holiday in Africa for a month.
He says “Hello” to all his buddies, and then sits down at the table with them.
Looking around very furtively, he pulls a tiny little piano out of his jacket, and then takes out a tiny little man and sits him at the piano.
The little man starts to play tunes on the piano, and asks for any requests.
After a while, when all his mates have gotten over the shock of this phenomenon, one of them asks “Where on earth did you get them”?
He replied, “When I was on holiday in Africa, I happened to save the life of a small child, who was the son of a witch doctor, and he granted me any one wish of my choice”
“So why did you ask for them?” said all his buddies.
“I did`nt. It seems that the witch doctor was a little hard of hearing, now honestly, would I ask for a 12” pianist”

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