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wireless woes


Random Apple Dude
Excuse my sharpness but I'm slightly ... annoyed...

Today I bought a Belkin Wireless G USB Network adapter.
I am trying to use it with a D-Link DSL-G604T ADSL wired&wireless router

On the G604T I've naturally enabled wireless access point, and for the sake of making the first step, chosen to tempo' disable security for the G604T - just to make sure everything is working ok (which of course its not!)

So. Then I install the USB network adapter onto the computer (running XP PRO). Now, theres no problems during the installation, and when I check in the Hardware Manager, everything seems to checkout fine with .. well.. everything.

Afterwards, I check with the Belkin Wireless Monitor, and heres where things get cooky.... As depicted in the attachements, you can see that the fskcing USB adapter can see the router and the wireless point just not connect to it.

Also, as points of reference..
1. There is no activity on the Belkin LED
2. Its the only USB device plugged into the machine
3. I fskcing HATE Microsoft &*(^( sooooo much :rolleyes:

Any help appriciated, else I might just take it back to PCWorld and ask for a refund... or just stick up them where the sun don't shine :)


never had any experience with usb dongles, i either use pcmcia or usual pci. However, check the installation.... remove then reinstall the drivers. i know people who hve used usb dongles and they have managed to conect to routers with no problem whatsoever.
Sorry... not much help really is it :p


Random Apple Dude
well it doesnt matter now anyways - I took it back and stuck it up Mr PCWorlds rear enterence with a nice note saying "FSCK U N00B!" :)


OSNN Addict
Ohhh dear! :s

Windows XP won't connect to an unsecure wireless network unless you tell it to in the Wireless Connection properties. I think it's in the Advanced settings. It's usually best just to use windows to setup wireless networking instead of software that comes with your wireless card.

Did you have access control using the MAC address enabled on the router?


Random Apple Dude
Yeah, i did try various different combinations in the router and on the PCs - but I think it was a problem with the actual dongle itself since it didn't work on 3 computers (one of which was running Win 98)

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