Wireless + Wired Router/ADSL modem

Right a friend of mine has just got himself a Linskys wag54g adsl modem combination router (wired and wireless) however he cannot get the wireless part to work even with 2 hrs of tech support time.... further investigation shows that many people have had this problem and he is now considering exchanging he product for something else. Anyone

a) Got any experieince with this/similar products and problem


b) Got any recomendations for an alternative product - i.e. a combined wireless router with wired ports too, with an adsl capable modem built in...


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I'll probably get shot down in flames for even mentioning the name - but my Belkin works a treat (once I had the settings sorted out). I have a combination of wired & wireless.


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I've messed with a Netgear Cable Modem/Router combo, but I didn't think much of it. The guy spent 300 bucks on it, when he could've gotten the individual modem & router for over $120 cheaper (and with prices now, even more than that). Don't know much about ADSL, but if I were him, I'd get individual so that if one goes out, that's all that goes out (I've had 3 cable modems get a little screwey on me, thank God they weren't combos).


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make sure u have the latest firmware update, my friend has one of linksys routers and it made it much better after flashing the new firmware

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