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wireless speakers



I'm looking for speakers, fairly good quality, that don't need to be plugged in to my computer (they'll be plugged into the wall obviously) but can play dowloaded music from my comp so i can, say, turn on win-amp on my comp and listen to it a few rooms over. I did a little searching and couldn't find anything that could do this so just wanted to know if anyone knew of such an item.

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i never heared of stuff like that be if there is then the quality must be verry bad, so stick to wired for now...


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i swear i remember in a previous thread like this, someone posting about sony wireless speakers. they were the only ones i could find at the time and now i can't find them at all. but they were pretty expensive and didn't have much power. you're best bet for value and sound quality is to maybe get in your attic and run wires through the wall(s). }:\


Get an amp with a digital in and a sound card with a digital out plug. Then connect them. Dont go analog.


i might have nothing to add, but i find it hilarious how people like to post their computer specs. are we supposed to be impressed? if you think about it, there's really no point, b/c it dosen't add anymore value to your reply. but just for the hell of it, i'll join the army of dorks out there:

pentium 4 1300mhz
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ati radeon 8500 128mb (non-le)
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