Wireless speakers?



I'm starting to set up a wireless desktop (if you must know, I'm preparing a little early for my tablet pc's docked configuration ;-) ). I've got the wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse; their receiver is hidden inside the small desk this all sits on.

The big question: there are a few wireless speaker systems out there (for instance, at http://www.adventwireless.com). All of them seem geared toward home audio, are big and ugly, and I've heard the quality sucks. Anybody know anything about wireless PC speakers? They don't need to be great sound quality (say, they can sound about like the $15 labtecs you got with your first SoundBlaster). But I'd prefer they be small, if possible look kinda cool, and (obviously) be wireless. Li'l help? Thanks....


Batteries: Not bad (I think). I use an old version of Logitech's cordless desktop on my current machine. I replace two AAA's in the mouse about once every four months (the "ultra" and so on batteries last a little longer, maybe 6). I've replaced the two AA's in the keyboard once in the three years I've owned it. Also take into account this is for a docking station I'll use much less often than I use this machine---to be honest, all this is probably less than necessary, but when have we let that stop us?

For the speakers, I'm not sure of batteries. Current ones I've seen (as I mentioned above, mostly for home stereos, and mostly for long-range) use up to 4 D's in each speaker---I'm kind of hoping the speakers I get won't really be much larger than, say, 2 D's each---and certainly shouldn't draw as much power.

The sony speakers I've found are pretty slick:
and the add-on speaker (for true stereo?) at
certainly satisfy the weird/cool factor, but are a little big and seem like they're more for travel than continuous use---they have a 3.5 hour rechargeable NiCd. Not exactly what I'm looking for for the perfect level of hot-swapping.

I know I'm being picky---is it possible what I want just isn't avalaible (yet)? Thanks, all...


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think you're s'posed to have those speakers plugged into a power outlet, cuz 3.5 hours is ridiculous. and only 4 watts per channel?? TOTAL waste of $330, if you ask me... but if you've got the money to blow, go for it.. they're shiny.


I totally agree---it's hard to see the point of even buying the wireless speakers if they have to be plugged in. But you're
right---very shiny. I like shiny.


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Originally posted by chjones
I totally agree---it's hard to see the point of even buying the wireless speakers if they have to be plugged in.
so you don't have to run wires from the computer/source to the speakers... which is good if they're on far ends of a room or even in other rooms, for ambience.


True. Again, I really meant for my situation, when I expect the transmitter to be less than 2 feet away.

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