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Wireless Security Camera's


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Now I have been asking you guys a lot of things lately, so I am sorry lol. The next thing, which obviously is a want, and not a need and I might never get it. Is security camera's.

I did a quick google search, and most seem to be $800 or more.

I want a wireless system, very small (unseeable) would be nice but not needed. One for the front door, one for the back door, and maybe one inside the house somewhere. Of course I don't want to pay 800, nor do I want to pay anywhere near that. I don't know if they make cheap ones, or what tech specs I should be looking at. I want to view the feeds from the camera's on my computer.

See something like this looks nice, but isn't wireless and I don't know if it's good enough. I have nothing to base it off.

Not very much range on the night vision, 10 ft. Depends on how your doorways are set up whether range is an issue. Good night vision is a must for the mottion detection to work.

Using webcams won't work, no range, no depth of field, no night vision (I've tried).

I'd recommend wired. No batteries to change.

Hiding the cam doesn't seem to be an issue. Some bozo newspaper deliver lady got caught stealing a TV set off a guys door step by his secuitry cam at 5AM. Showed it on TV to ID the thief. Just place it well above head level, best place to hide stuff is up high.

I think $50 per cam is as low as they come for a decent outdoor one.


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Ok, I could do Wired, because most seem to have at least 30FT, which I think that could reach my computer, and still be hidden. I just hate trying to hide wires.

Which would be the best quality to get. I did figure it needs good night vision, defeats the purpose of it really, most people steal and break in at night.

*Actually, I just calculated it, I think I need at least 100FT to reach my room, with stapling it to the walls and such (to hide it). I don't see any that offer that, nor a way to extend it.

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