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wireless router problem!


High On Life!
hey guys my friend just bought a linksys wrt54g wireless router and i was trying to setup his 3 computer network to use the vdsl connection from the net and share it.

i went to the and setup up the ip to the net as the ip his pc is suppose to have and to the local network its then i put all the pcs to use the router as the gateway and dns just like a wired network. but its not working!!

heres why i think its not working. on my friends and i's connections (vdsl) we have to use a firewall to use kazaa and other media things, but for webbrowsing we don't. the firewall program we use is called microsoft firewall client and it has a thing in the tray icon. how can i get the wireless router to use that as a firewall?

it wouldnt even use webbrowsing when i had all the settings correct am i missing something?:confused:


High On Life!
well he called me yesterday at night and told me that it worked on his pcs that were wireless as soon as he unplugged the the computer that was hooked up with a wire to the back of the netwrok plugs. thats weird!

so we only have one thing to solve now, how can i get the router to use a firewall?
You should set the router itself to be on the 172 network set the clients to use addresses on 192

As for firewalling it should be done by default.

Enable "Block WAN Request" (or simular) on the router and all is taken care of it works independenty from any other firewall solution. The wrt54g uses NAT to protect your internal clients and wont interact with anything else.


High On Life!
i did its all working now, but the thing is, sometimes his pc with the wireless network card doesnt connect to the network, it sees the network then when i say allow me to connect to this network even though its not secure it keeps bringing up the same thing, i even tried to make it secure it wouldnt work properly, is there an update maybe to windows xp to fix this in windows update? cuz this is a new hp pc that he just got a few days ago maybe he didnt get the needed update

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