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Wireless Router no longer appears in network list


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Hey guys,

I've seen this problem before I think, however it was never with my equipment. I've never had this problem here. Today I had to deal with the unfortunate pleasure of reformatting my laptop and losing everything on it. Windows, Office, and some small subtle little programs are back on there. I have the most up to date wireless software / driver on my laptop that Dell has to provide.

While my wireless internet was working for awhile, right now it isn't doing that at all. My laptop uses the Intel Pro Wireless software. While it was working before, I noted that it was now disconnected, and not even seeing my wireless network. My wireless is being distributed by a Belkin Wireless-G Router. My Intel just won't see the network at all. Also, I am using the MAC Address Filtering for security purposes.

If I switch over to the Windows Wireless Networking, I will be able to see the network, however when I attempt to connect to it, it hangs there on connecting, then shoots me back out to the screen where it says it's automatic connection for preferred... but not connected.

I've restarted the laptop since then, and have also restarted the router both by doing a hard reset by pulling the plug, and also resetting it from it's configuration menu. What other things can I check to make this work?
When all else fails uninstall the Intel software and drivers, uninstall the wireless network adapter in device manager. Then reinstall the device first and software in the order recommended. reversing the order can result in the install not working. Sometimes a windows re-installation just gets hosed randomly.

Also, use the driver versions that came with the laptop. New and improved is a marketing slogan, not a technical description...

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