Wireless router for cheap (Review)

I just bought a D-Link DI-524 wireless router.... mainly because it was cheap ($29 after rebate). So I got it home, everything out of the box... good to go.

Started the setup wizard.. everything seemed to go ok. It worked with my laptop right next to it. I walked into the other room and disconnected. So I reviewed my placement of the router... i had it in an enclosed area of my desk. Once I brought it out in the open alittle bit, all was good throught the house. Now I am running into a new problem. It was disconnecting what seemed to be every hour. Not only the wireless, but my PC that is hard wired to the back of the router. The router is soft rebooting (just cutting off, then immediately back on). After 1 day of this I asked mr. google where to go... I found an awesome forum discussion on this that said the router was soft robooting every 34 minutes. And coincidently enough at that moment my router kicked off then back on. I looked at the clock, fingured out 34 mintes and di my thing for alittle bit. Sure enough, to the second (almost) the router soft rebooted at 34 minutes!

So anyways, now for the fix as given in the forum. My router came with firmware 1.05. This seems to be the problem child. Everyone has been switching back to 1.03 and problem goes away. So that is what I did. Works like a champ!

Things I dont like: I really don't like the layout of the configurations webpage. It looks fine, but is alittle awkward to get around. There is an emulator of this on there website.

Right now I would rate this product 5 stars.... if I didnt have these issues. But since D-link put out a product that is bad from the get-go, I will drop it a star and give it 4. But atleast it was an easy fix and really didnt go through to much hassle with it.


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Hmmm, got mine a few months ago for $20 after rebates. Came with the 1.03 firmware so I never had a problem (I don't do updates unless soemthing is broken). I did make a windsurfer antenna for it to boost the signal at the far end of the house (and for security to make sure it did not radiate out towards the street and other peoples homes). I've watched 2 hour long DVD movies tarnsmitted over the wireless with never a problem.

I give it a 4.5 stars (it has to be free before I give 5 stars).

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