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Wireless Problem


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I have a Gateway Intel centrino laptop with a built in wireless G. Sometimes when I surf the web my connection speed idle down below 11 mbps than it will go back up to 54 mbps. Is there a setting that i can change so it stays at 54 at all time.


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Your speed will change relating to the signal strength you are receiving. I would imagine if you sit right next to your router, you should be able to sustain a stable 54mbps connection.


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you can also check to see that you have the same channel set on the wireless card. You should also have the option of setting the rate to automatic best rate or 54 or 11 only, but Lee Jend is right if you set it at 54 and it drops you will lose connection.

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do you have an Intel made wireless card? I have an Intel 2200BG and it doesn't like 54Mbps networks. i have to force my card to 11 in order to either connect or hold a tolerable connection.

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