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Wireless not working anymore


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Wireless was working fine on my Acer 5012WLMi laptop until today when I formatted it (WinXP x64 was on it) and put XP x32 onto it.

The wireless card is basically not picking up any networks. I know its the laptop because I have another laptop which is working fine with my Netgear WGR614v6 router.

I have tried 3 different drivers. The wireless card inside the Acer laptop is a Broadcom BCM94318. It has to be a software/driver problem as the card was working fine before the format.

Can anyone help? :dead:



Weekend DJ
I had the same problem with my acer it turned out to be something simple. Look at the 2 buttons on the front of your laptop (the glowing gold /yellow ones) push the one on the right it turns on back your wireless card inside. You may have bumped it by accident.


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Does Windows see your wireless device without problems? Such as is it showing up under Network Connections in Control Panel, and the Device Manager?

Can you try entering the SSID and any encryption information manually?

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