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wireless networking setup question


hardware monkey
my buddy is moving into a new place and needs a network set up. the place currently has broadband but no router--just one computer plugged into the modem. he will be in a room on the other side of the house so it will have to be wireless. he will have his own computer, an xbox 360 and,, most importantly, a ps3 that he plays online with on a regular basis, so speed or low latency will be a priority.

the computer and ps3 have wireless G. the xbox does not, but he would like it online, too. i was thinking; instead of buying a router and wireless adapter for the xbox, is it possible to get two wireless-N routers--one hooked up to modem and one in his room with everything wired to it and have the one in the room act as a bridge?

this way he has a fast connection that all 3 devices share. i've never done a setup like this so i'm not sure. we appreciate any input. price is definitely a factor, but gaming is the priority. thanks.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
You could, one would be a router and the other a bridge. That feature all depends on the router itself. I think DDWRT adds this functionality.


hardware monkey
you're right, it does. did some research and it seems like the only option is a modded WRT54Gx. was hoping to get something that was Draft N and maybe with the function built in. anybody know of one? "wireless client mode" is another name for this feature.


hardware monkey
to which router? the primary connected to the modem or the "bridge" on the other side of the house? either way, i don't see how that would help anything since the routers have built-in switches. running out of ports isn't the problem.

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