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Lo all!

I was thinking of making a Wireless network between my house and my friends house (roughly 50m away (room to room)), I would use two PCI Wireless Network cards (You can use upto 3 with out accesspoint (so im told)). It would be used for gaming, so would be ping based (anyone give me and idea?) and not to much on bandwidth, even tho im considering letting him use my ADSL (because im kind like that)

That was basically the diagram off where computers are, can anyone give me any feedback on if this is good / possible / ideas?

It could work. You might want to use a directed antenna on the wall of your houses to get better range. If you get a connection at all over that distance without an antenna, it's probably damned slow.

Don't forget about the security also! You don't want the whole neighbourhood to use your DSL! ;) Also make sure you don't share any files or printers. That's asking for trouble.

Nice drawing btw! :p


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Yeah I know all that, the only thing I need to know is

1. I think its 40m, is that to long enough?
2. Do I only need 2 PCI cards?

I don't want to fork out nearly £100 for nothing!


Also, make sure that your ISP nevers finds out that you are sharing your internet connection. They tend to not like it when people do that since it means less money for them.
1. Ranges are different on different cards.
2. Yes, if they support AD-HOC.

Btw, stay away from Intel WLAN cards. I saw a test on a bunch of makes of cards and Intel was by far the worst. 3Com have a new series of 802.11b cards (11Mbit) with better security but with less compatability with other types of cards. Also the new 802.11a cards (50Mbit) have been released. As far as I saw the prices were about the same as 802.11b.


just run a cat 5 all the way:)

isnt the max like 250 ft?

just do it at night and bury it underground:)


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1) Wireless LAN has about a maximum distance of 150Ft before you start to lose the signal (i dont know ow to convert that to meters)

2) Wireless LAN also has ping spikes, and is very susceptable to interference from outside sources. Gaming over WLAN is not really recomended because you pings can go from 50 to 400 if someone turns a microwave on (or other interference)

A short search on google ("802.11a" wireless pci card price) gave this:
http://queen.pricewatch.com/search/searchmc.idq?qc=WIRELESS+AND+PCI+AND+802.11A+AND+%40totalcost%3E0+AND+%40ctd+211&i=211&ct=Computer&c=Networking+Cards&mi=N&m=N&ne=4833&l=4787 <edit>Friggin' crap link parser! :mad: Just cut and paste instead.</edit>
Wireless Computer Networking - Proxim Skyline 802.11a PCI Card PN4032 (with antenna)
Wireless Computer Networking - Intel PRO/Wireless 5000 LAN PCI Adapter 54Mbit

Seems the 54Mbit cards are a bit more expensive. No surprise really...


I ran a case study in my Cisco class that involved wireless networking (802.11a and 802.11b). From what I have found, wireless throughput over SOHO devices are slightly misleading. In order to get maximum throughput, you will need to be fairly close to your access point. Since you are talking about 40 - 50 meters in length, you are spanding 120-150 ft from each other. At that distance, you are more likely to get 11b speeds of about 4-5 Mb and some very spikey pings. For 11a, you would get much better results, around 30-40Mb or so.

Just a side note:

Cat 5 has a maximum distance of 100m/300ft. While it could stretch that distance, you are risking your life if you ran Cat 5 from the first house to the second. The reason is because Cat 5 an unshielded twisted pair cabling made of copper. The grounds in the first house would not be the same as the grounds of the second house. In the event that something happens (i.e. electical spike, sag, brownout, etc) the house with the lower grounding level would be bombarded with the electrical signals from the other house. Or even worse, you have a 40m lightning rod (the electrical signals moving through the wire would be amplified during a lightning storm. This would increase the harmonic signature and could draw lightning to it. This is why building codes restrict ethernet cabling from being run from one building to the next. For businesses, if they wish to run cable from one building to the next, they must use fiber.


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Cheers lads, im told STP CAT5e would be ok, but never the less it is illegal to run it along the posts.

Bugger it, im sure he could come round :D
ISP's a cracking down on these wireless networks. At least the ones that run from house to house. Remember what I said earlier. You don't want to wind-up in an SRO after prison, washing dishes, paying a heafty fine while the cable boys sit at home sniffing fine brandy, smoking fat cigars, playing the market and contemplating their next European vacation.:D
Originally posted by UniSol
Cheers lads, im told STP CAT5e would be ok, but never the less it is illegal to run it along the posts.
No STP is worse than UTP in this case. Bacause of the different grounding of different houses the shielding of the STP cable will start running currents if the shielding is grounded at both ends. Just connecting the shielding at one end would work I suppose. But then again there's Reg's side note on top of this.

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