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Wireless network


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Could anyone point me in the right direction, i have a home network setup for
my wife and i and on our HP computers we got the wireless network stuff, i've tried to set it up but i can't get it to work, does anyone know of a website i can go to and get it working.

I was told by the people i got the computers from that they don't help set it up.


Tell us a little more about your computers and we should be able to walk you through the setup.

What OS do you have? What brand wireless access point / cards did you purchase?


OSNN One Post Wonder
Its winxp home P4 3.00GHz 512 ram

Adapter: PCI\VEN_1260&DEV_3890


Device Name: Wireless PCI 802.11b/g adapter

Network device

Realtek RTL8139/810x

The wife has the same computer




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Well, I was gonna post a question about the wireless networking in another post, but this will do. Since you all will help him out, I need help with trying to figure out a way to get the wireless device to have a secure password mode upon entering the log (as it is right now, if you just connect to it via the IP address of it, you can see the entire log without a security setting). I tried finding it myself, but alas have had no luck. The only security I have been able to get is for changing settings inside the wireless device. I wanna add security to it because I live in an apartment and we know there is someone else that was somehow able to use the connection at some point even though we didn't have their MAC address allowed in. And even though they are gone, for some reason, it is saying that there is still 2 of 2 clients connected despite the fact there should only be 1 client (which would be my mother's computer). Anyone care to help me with this?

My wireless device is a:
Cisco 350 Series AP 11.23T

Tell me what I can do to secure it so I can just connect and it asks me for a password or something. Also, if it is possible to tell me how to set up so that when someone is to find the connection of the wireless device, that it asks for a password to connect to it. Thanks

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