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Wireless Network


--== babyface ==--
Hi guys ..

I have setup a wireless network in my house. The problem is occasionally, the network would be disconnected. But almost instantly it would be connected back. However, because I am using WEP as security measure, I would need to choose the network to login and key in the network key.

Any idea how come this is happening? Please advise if there is any .. thanks.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
What sort of signal strength are you getting? And is there any movement of antennae, particularly change in orientation at the time of the glitches, or even any movement of large bodies through the path of the signal? I believe these are the sorts of things that might cause it - I get the same thing with mine on around a 60% signal most of the time, but I am not using WEP, so it has not troubled me so far - although I am interested to hear what might be said here and if you resolve it. I think if you google around or look here you may find a thread for the infamous "Pringles can" antenna booster solution, which might be worth a try.


--== babyface ==--
The signal strength that I am gaining is very good. The problem is without any state of reason the connection goes off, and all of a sudden it comes back on. It happens only to my notebook, but the funny thing is that it only happens recently. Before this it was ok .. :(

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Try this:

open network conections, right click on your wireless connection, and select Properties. Choose the Wireless network tab, select your network (SSID) and click properties/configure then authentication tab. Uncheck "Enable IEE 802.1x authertication for this network"


--== babyface ==--
Did that aready Admiral Michael .. :)

Read somewhere its been quite common due to some wireless zero configuration features by Microsoft. But then again .. not sure whats really the problem. Will slot in a PCMCIA wireless card and see what is exactly the problem.


--== babyface ==--
I upgraded to SP2 .. but it was still the same. Every 15 minutes the connection breaks off and wouldn't reconnect back unless I disable and enable the wireless connection. After that, I ran the wireless network setup assistance by windows .. and the whole thing looks alright now. Been 2 hours downloading and uploading without connectivity problems like before. I will continue to test the situation and update you guys.

At this point, I really suspect it is window's manner of handling the wireless network connectivity.

Also .. I notice something strange in my linksys AP log file. Under my wireless client MAC list, I have unauthorized entry or something like that :-

The MAC Address is 00-04-23-52-09-b3 while the IP is All my clients run on static IP address for the network. The strange thing is I have already done the following:-

1) Disable Wireless SSID Broadcast
2) Wireless security enabled using WEP as my security mode
3) Restrict Wireless Network Access by entering the the MAC address of the clients on the network while the rest of the space is only 000000000000

Do I have any concern for worries here? Please advise .. thanks! : )


Time Dr. Freeman?
what router do you have? do you have 802.11b or 802.11g? i had 802.11b with a netgear mr814 wireless router and i had good signal strength, and it did exactly what it does to you: randomly disconnected and reconnected immediately afterwards. when i upgraded to 802.11g the problem went away. i think it was because i was using the wireless through 3 floors, so even though the signal strength was good, there was a lot the signal had to go through to reach my computer. 802.11g has better range, so i guess that fixed it.


--== babyface ==--
I'm using Linksys's BEFW11S4 Wireless-B Broadband Router.

But everything is ok now since I used the default windows network assistant to setup the wireless network. Works great for me because its 3 days now and no form of drop in signal what so ever.

: ) I am beginning to like this whole thing after all .. thanks guys!!

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