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Wireless - Network Key

I searched for a bit but finally got frustrated and decided to post, maybe one of you can figure it out...

I'm trying to use encryption on my wireless network but unfortunately I can't get it to save the network key settings after specifying them.

Specifically I'm trying to use WPA-PSK with a passphrase but windows will not store the key and use it to login to the network and instead prompts for the key, even when using WEP the key is still not stored.

Everything is setup and working fine I just don't want to have to type the key in every time I restart my computer, also end users would have trouble navigating to the network configuration area and typing in my secret passphrase, even if I wanted to let them know what it was!

I know this has to be an issue with the way Windows is trying to store the configuration information...bastards...any help would be appreciated.

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Have you made that connection your default one? I'm pretty sure it stores it when its defualt, if this isnt any help post your OS and what service packs you have installed
I've customized my SSID, the default account that is generated for you does not seem to apply since it just uses 'default' as the SSID. That could be it but I'll test it tomorrow and see if it makes a difference with a default SSID on, it shouldn't but you never know...

Windows XP Pro w/ sp1 (using DOMAINS)
Using updated bulletin file from Microsoft site so I can use WPA-PSK.


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no no - I don't think that's what Zeke meant and it is a bad idea to have your SSID set to default or anything like that. So I would not change your SSID nor expect that to help at all. Having said that I am not sure what Zeke does mean, it's not like you can set a default connection the same as you do with printers.

You may want to give SP2 a go, the networking handling and wizards are significantly enhanced and may resolve your problem.


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Encryption Key

The method I used to get XP Pro to take the key was to enter the first line of the actual hexadecimal code that is generated by the WAP. Somewhere in MS's Knowledge Base there is an article on this subject. Hope this helps.
WPA-PSK uses a paraphrase not any HEX, if I were using WEP (which I also tried) after inputting the HEX as the key Windows forgets it too.

Unfortunately sp2 is not an option on this computer as its a member of a large domain and I know that installing sp2 will cause pure hell. :)

Good suggestions though. I was trying to avoid using it but I think I'll try installing the D-Link software that came with the router and see if it's any good at remembering the network key.
Unlike a previous Linksys router I had used this one does not include a software package to manage the network settings on the computer, looks like I'm stuck with Windows controlling it...

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