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Wireless network for DSL


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Im setting up a wireless network in my house for my 2 computer. right now im running standerd SBC DSL service. i was wondering what router should i buy and also do they come with addapteres for nic cards or do i have to buy them seprate.
you can get wireless ADSL gateways with wireless cards bundled. Router wise, I have only used NetGear DG814, which has given me no end of hassle with the 4.8 firmware but which runs quite stable at home with the 4.6 so I am really not sure how to rate it. It comes with the 4.4 firmware on it to start with, I really dont recommend upgrading to 4.8 though
The DG834 has a pretty strong firewall built into it, and DoS and stuff like that. They are pretty easy to setup and get working though.
You'll need an:

RF router B (cheaper) or G (faster) class will work since your internet is only 1.5mbps (I'm with SBC too).

Then the same type (B or G) RF NIC card for each PC. Note the G is usually backward compatible to B.

Remember to turn on the security option to encrypt your RF or anyone can link into your network.

Do a search in here for "wireless network" and you should find who has the best ones these days. It changes as the new models come out.

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