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I have a NetGear 814v2. I just purchased a Uniden PCW200 for one of my spare computers. I get a strong single from the router. However I keep getting a DNS error. What am I setting up wrong? Under TCP/IP settings I input everything as though it was a direct line. I assigned a IP etc.


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I suppose the 1st thing to check is that the PC that is new on the network is looking for the correct IP address of the router. Check the settings in the configuration for the PCW200 card and make sure these match the IP adress of the router.


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I dunno if I'd bother requiring the MAC address of the new machine, try disabling that and seeing if you can connect.

Asides from that I have the "Obtain IP address" and" Obtain DNS server address automtically" options ticked...


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Do you have a DHCP Server set up on your router? If so, I would enable it, and then allow the wireless card to obtain the IP address automatically. If you are going to set up a static IP address on your computer with the wireless card, make sure you put in the proper gateway address of your wireless router. Then double check to make sure your IP/Subnet addresses and DNS addresses are correct. Everything should work out then.


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status update, please?

pSxMoD said:
... Everything should work out then.
and? Did it? Would be good to hear, sometimes people read threads to resolve problems before posting their own - and if the final resolution is not posted they cannot get the gen. ;)


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I don't see the point in using MAC addresses if you're not connecting via wireless.
To be honest, I don't know much about MACs but I do know that they're like unique IDs for each piece of hardware.
I have enabled MACs for my wireless gateway only, as an addition to the encryption that's already put in place to prevent unauthorised access to my LAN and internet connections.

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