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Wireless Mice



I'm looking to buy a wireless mouse and I need a little info before I go out and pick one up.

I bought the Cordless Elite Duo™ probably a year and a half ago. I love the keyboard, but the mouse was horrible. First of all its curved for a left handed user.

The biggest problem was its power saving feature. The optical eye would turn off after being idle for 5 seconds or so. When this happened, you would have to click, wheel-scroll or shake the mouse violently until the eye turned back on.

My question is.... do newer cordless/optical mice (i.e. the MX700) do the same thing?

Any feedback is much appreciated.


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the mx700 kicks ass. and it doesnt power save properly for a few mins, after a second of none use the light dims to around 30%, but as soon as you move it, its back to full speed, you dont notice a performance drop. after another 15 seconds of none use the light pulsates to about 30fps (same as old cordless mice on full boot) with no lag or freeze when u move it again.. when it hits power save after a few min all you do is move it and a fraction of a second later its back. its heavy on the batteries, uses metal hydride AA size so they hold there capacity well. mine will last almost 2 days b4 the low battery light comes on, and thats because i forget to charge it at night when im drunk. :) and considering i play a lot of games so my mouse gets hammerd. it is the best mouse out there by far.
Yeah the MX700 is much better. I have the MX700 and my dad has the standalone version of the other mouse, so I've tried both.

The MX engine really helps, and the rechargability is great. However I've noticed some discoloration on the mouse. It might be dirty, but I fear it's the paint going... Have you noticed anything like this GoNz0?


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I have not noticed any where on my mouse except a small spot where it rubs going into and out of the charger. Comparied to my microsoft mouse explorer (oh yeah the origional optical) which i still have kicking around that mouse lost nearly all its silver paint. The mx700 seems more wear resistent... :)
(As with you i got the logitech cordless optical desktop comfort, and ditched the mouse as it was awful! top keyboard though :) though the polymer does seem to attract the dust more!)


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to conserve power you can also reduce the sample rate/frequency...

the charging base is a really kewl device though :)

any clues as to how long the mouse will run with one charge ?


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Originally posted by GoNz0
1 charge constant use 24 hrs and the mouse runs at 125fps, :)
thats not bad.. I am thinking of selling off my duo and getting the elite MX duo...


its a better deal than buying the mx700 by itself..

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