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I have a pretty big movie and music collection. For awhile now I wanted to create a type of server/media center for all these files. Now I was thinking about it and it would be amazing if there was the "main" computer with all the videos, pictures, music etc on it. Then if possible I could stream wireless or wired, either way to my TV and other computers in the house.

Now I also starting thinking that as well as my own media I'd like to be able to watch live television. So that I know I need a TV Tuner card. THEN again I thought well I have an HD television so I will need a HD TV Tuner card.

Now my questions are.

1. What is the best (I guess opinion) HD TV Tuner card?

2. What would be the best media center software to use this with?

3. How would I set it up so I can access the media center from the TV and other computers?

I have quickly checked out SageTV, MythTV and MediaPortal for the media center. I am not sure which one would be best out of those (Im in favor of MediaPortal). Or is there a better choice for me? Now also, is all these things (network, media center, HD) all possible together? Just keep in mind that I'd like to find something fairly easy to set up, but if it needs some work I am up to the challenge and probably can figure things out.
I have never had to do this here before, but I need this bumped.

Any ideas at all, or got a place I should go to ask about this?
depends on how much messing about you want to do, I don't think Linux has the greatest driver support for the latest HD cards, mythtv isnt too bad, but it depends on the distro you go for, windows obviously would be your best option for support, but cost would be a factor, unless you already have licences for all the copies you have.

I have Freebsd on server (storage PC) and Linux on laptop and Vista for HTPC, and they all play nice :)

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