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Ok, may or may not have been posted before, but oh well.

I just got the Microsoft Wireless-G bundle (802.11g router + PC card), set it all up on my desktop, and it works fine. the problem is, my Laptop cannot gain access to ANYTHING wirelessly. They are configured with the same SSID, same wireless channel as the router, same workgroup. the really funny thing is... whenever i use the Microsoft Broadband Network Utility to try to set up the wireless connection, it will attempt to connect, then tell me that my WEP key is not valid, even when i have the router set up to use no encryption at all. is there possibly another WEP setting that i am missing? please help if you can.


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So from this do I take it you have never been able to get access from lap-top by wi-fi? That's the way it reads to me, anyway. I am going to have to assume you have set the wireless capability on and have the service enabled too - both can usually be set off both to save power and as a security precaution (some locations would require it disabled too, EG on airplane).

Have you tried the laptop with a cable? Just to eliminate any networking issues? Is there any chance that you are picking up another network signal (one that has WEP enabled)? I know in my case I have had to plug a cable into my laptop to get it to wake up to the wi-fi signal before, not been able to explain why either - but it worked for me.

Check you have selected not to use WEP on your laptop too - maybe it has that enabled by default?

That's all I can think of for now - hope you get it sorted soon, it feels good when you can take your laptop anywhere online ;)


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Not at home at the moment, but it's capabilities are on. I'm not picking up any other WEP-enabled networks around me because the name i set for my router is the only network name i see in my available wireless networks. I know it works with a normal CAT5 cable plugged into the network port. might be takin the Microsoft stuff back to Best Buy and getting D-Link


well if youre taking it back to the store...

I could prolly figure out the problem but I need a nap... been up since 3:30 am and just got back form seeing Spiderman 2 ... need sleep... so sleepy .... ZZzzzZZzzzzzZzzzzZZZZ


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rofl. yah, PseudoKiller, that might be a good thing to do. I've also heard from someone... forget who.... that quite a few people have been having trouble with Microsoft's Wireless-G routers and stuff.


ElementalDragon said:
rofl. yah, PseudoKiller, that might be a good thing to do. I've also heard from someone... forget who.... that quite a few people have been having trouble with Microsoft's Wireless-G routers and stuff.
I like my linksys wireless ... my precious...


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Got D-Link. WOO!! works like a charm. only thing that's weird.... it doesn't work very far. i barely get outside my house and the connection drops. even out on my pool deck the signal strength and link quality is cut in half... and that's probably not even 50 feet away, and only thing between the router and it is a single wall. is there any way to boost the signal strength or something other than with one of those antenna's?


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1) what materials is your house made out of? Lots of wiring?

2) What are you near?

There are alot of things that can interfere with wireless, for instance in my house, my pc is only about 25 ft from the AP and can watch the signal modulate up and down often.


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only wires near any part of the router are wires for the computer, like speaker wires and such, nothin heavily major. other than that.... wood, drywall, and vynil siding. and i'm not really near anything that would seem to cause that much of a signal degradation. too tired now to think of anything really. quarter after 3 in the morning. *yawn*


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ok... now that me's awake again.... got another question. (mostly cause of the fact that i heard it from my mom no more than 10 minutes after waking up) Is there a way to make my lappy automatically connect to my home WLAN when it's turned on/comes out of hibernation? hate havin to double click the icon in the taskbar and click connect. too lazy for all that effort.


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I have the MN-500 Microsoft Wireless Router (802.11b). The only thing I've used the Broadband utility for is actually setting up the router for my DSL.

I don't think I did much setup for wireless with it, other than making a WEP key and naming the network, setting up the channel and clicking 'enable wireless access'.

I've used both a Sony Vaio network card and a Netgear, and both have connected no problem after running the connection wizards on the laptops - I didn't use the Utility, as it suggests below, as Windows already told me to select a channel and input the WEP key on the laptops, and it connected from there.

From each wireless computer that is connected to the base station, use the Broadband Network Utility to enter the encryption key that you enter here.


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it's not really re-initializing the card. it's just having to go back into the network connections and telling it to connect to the wireless network. the card starts blinkin away once it starts up into windows, it just doesn't automatically detect and connect to the network

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