Wireless Headphones


5 Jun 2005
Right...i want some wireless headphones.
Some like the proper hifi ones with full ear surround
I came across loads of FM ones.
What does this mean
I want them for my laptop...so how do i do this.

I have no idea
Theres two main types of wireless headphones. 1, infrared. which means they must have a direct line of sight to the transmitter and FM which uses the FM radio waves to transmit, so you don't have to have a direct line.

If you want to be wandering around the house with them on, then you want FM based ones (i do this sometimes listening to music whilst cleaning or whatever).

Do note that the transmitter with most likely (if not definatly) require a mains socket to power it, so you're laptop will need to be near a socket. Although whjy you need wireless headphones sitting at a laptop i don't know :)
because my laptop is always on and i move about my house alot...
cant you get headphones that just send your music from the laptop to the headphones

maybe i should invent them lol.

well... u can get bluetooth headphones.. but dont expect great sound quality
Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Headphones are very nice, they are not expensive too.
Sennheiser's sound quality are always good.

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