Wireless Headphones



Well, I am gonna get them anyway, but I want to know your opinions... do you use them? Would you just get normal headphones...

Well, for me... I have developed a phobia of wires and I cant stand the tangle anymore!! In the middle of a game, and my mouse gets dragged down, or I can't seem to get the USB cable for my camera out... stuff like that. :)


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Do you get yourself tangled up in your headphone wires too? hehe :p

I'm looking to get a wireless one too coz wires are just annoying.


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Wireless to me means batteries (cost) or the buggers running out of life when your in the middle of something (pain in the arse) I'll stick with my wired headphones :)


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you can get rechargeables...

my current plantronics are good... long wire but it doesnt get tangled coz I use the little clip that comes with it...


well, i got them... they are very useful to me. Only £30 so its a deal too. It has rechargable AAA batteries with it, and lasts for 15 hours at a time (or so it says)....

they are really high quality, so thats all that matters... :D

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