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Wireless gear on offer


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Due to my much altered domestic situation *cough* I have some surplus kit and maybe there could be trades or cash uinducements for me to part with it.....

what it comprises is:-

- LINKSYS WRT504G router (suitable to go with cable modem or whatever)

- EDIMAX (802.11b) router/modem - the usual four ports, ADSL.

- EDIMAX (802.11b) WAP and two off USB dongles - not great for huge ranges, but good (plus you can move dongles around to optimise)

- M$ Wireless Multimedia K/B and optical mouse set (my "floating" spare, but would prbably swap for really nice corded keyboard plus something like music CDs or whatever)

- Spare ZALMANN 7000AlCu heatsink with all mountings and also odd NB heatsink and miscellanii like fanmates - handy for someone quieting a system down on a budget.

Other stuff not really computer:-

- Good Citizen Quartz wristwatch - does 10 bar and just needs battery (cost £100 new)

- Morning Coat - tailored! - very English!

- Collection of silk neckties - lots! (I only need a few, so if anyone wants I'd gladly let these go, could even include as "packing with any of above hehe)

- A book called "the Life Audit" by Caroline Righton (brand new, won on radio 'phone in)

- More stuff less valudable probably, but might get chucked in as "freebies" EG Arctic paste, only used once etc etc.

Get back to me if you have ideas or want any of that stuff.... post or IM or whatever - it is all good (even email is an option!)


Political User
I could use alot of that stuff but it wouldnt be worth shipping it back to me here in the states.. Hehe.. Plus I feel your pain MFG... I want a new FP and my G/f would kill me if I bought one before I bought a new bedroom set for my bed. :(

Put them on EBay someone will buy them Hehe


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Doh! Well, thanks Speedy for pointing out to Lancer what I may have missed (fact is needless posts like that can be upsetting and they just add zero to teh forum)....

thanks ming for making me feel I shoulda acted faster.....

thanks mla for making me wonder bout shipping (but if you ever take a Eurpoean vacation swing by for some 2nd hand techno shopping!)

And last - but not least - I should like to add to my "for sale or trade" list a WinFast TV/FM PCI card, full working order (I have two and one is surplus) it is complete with remote - very handy for those running lower end gfx cards or wishing for quieter multi-media machines (since teh high end gfx cards load your machines dba up a bit)....

Now I have bumped let's have some posts from potential buyers this time - maybe?

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