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17 Jun 2003
Im a noob with wifi at d mo. Just wondering - will my machine automatically connect to the router on restart if I've done a manual configuration for the IP, submask, DNS, etc..etc..
Also, will I need to change anything in my router in order to make sure everything works ok?

And lastly, the DNS! Are they usually permanent? i.e. I will never have to renew or reconfig the numbers for my machine.
I manually set all of those settings on my computers wireless network card in an attempt to decrease startup times. It did help my times and I didn't have any issues reconnecting to the dlink router for a couple weeks.

If you router is like mine then I think that problems will be infrequent. Every once in a while, you might have to reconfigure your nic to get network access.
If you have assigned your machine an IP that's in the correct range, then you shouldn't have to make any configuration changes to your router itself. As for DNS, I don't believe you will need to mess with the servers again once you have them set correctly.

What you have done should work just fine and I think it's the best way to configure the network. And since you know what IPs are allowed access, you could block other available addresses in case you're worried about neighbors leeching off of your signal. :D
Hey, thanks for the info.
I've had connection probs with all my machines recently, and I think it was to do with my dsl modem/router more than anything else. Tried using manual config for the settings, but had same prob so decided to upgrade the firmware on the router. It seems to be working ok for now.
Good to know, hope that it continues to work out for ya. :)

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