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Wireless Client can only access DSL when Host is connected! help!


body electric

I have a Linksys Wireless Access Point router and a wireless client using a dell 1150 Wireless NIC card. The desktop is connected to the Linksys access point by cat 5 and the network is set up by home networking complements of win xp. Both share a connection to MSN DSL by a an internal intel 2200 DSL modem that can be connected by "dialing up" it is not a always on connection but simply a DSL connection that can be accessed when accessed by IE or any other programs that need to go to the internet. Anyways the wireless laptop cannot dialup on it's own. I have all checks on the advanced tab in the shared main connection. The funny thing is, is it is searching for that connection all the time if it's not connected and will pick up the signal as soon as a user is signed in on the main host, what I want is the wireless the client to connect to DSL without a user signing in! I believe it didn't once but it won't do it again.
Anyone have any suggestions?


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