Wireless and Wiredin Same XP PC


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25 Jan 2003
Wireless and Wired in same XP PC

Skipping the long sob story my main PC wired LAN is stuck at 10 Mbps due to HW issues that I have wasted too much time and money on trying to fix already.

Just for grins I stuck an old 54 Mbps USB dongle on the PC and it connects up and works. BUT, I do not seem (based on transfer speed) to be getting my file transfers over the wireless while the wired is connected.

Is this normal?

AM I doing something wrong (other than not replacing the sickly MB)?

Is what I'm attempting even possible (force the traffic over the faster wireless)?

Disconnecting the wired LAN will lead me to ReAcTiVaTiOn hell so I don't want to do that either.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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just deactivate the copper NIC and just use the wireless connection. Right click on the wired connection and go to disable. works like a charm
Tried that with no success, but I'll try again. It was kinda late last night when I tried it...

Same results as last night. The transfer rate is pathetic, worse than the 10 Mbps wired, it's probably not anything to do with the wired LAN since it is disabled.

Something else is choking the transfer rate on the wireless.

Any ideas?
Signal strength is excellent on all equipment.
All PCs show 54 Mbps.
I am getting through zonealarm, but tried it without the firewall anyway, no improvement.
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