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wireless and main computer lag


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wireless not going at max speed

hi guys i have an adslmodem/router (Dlink-dsl-g604t)

my problem is that my wireless connection starts off at 54mbps but for somereason if i access my local computers or log on to msn it drops down to 1 or 11 mbps.. is there any reason for this? or anyway i can fix it?.. thanks
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OSNN Junior Addict
no idea.. its my laptop intel centrino

my main computer is still at 100mbps cause its cabled to the router

but my laptop is wireless to router and the connection speed keeps dropping..

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Maybe check the device properties, or even the router. Sometimes you can tell it not so use the slower speeds.

I think DLINK you can say G-mode only.

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