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Wireless and hi-fi, possible or no?


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First of all I know this is a way OT thread, being really for soem other forum than OSNN (but I do not belong to any really hi-fi threads and do not feel like branching out!). Also I know it should maybe be Green Room - a mod can move it if necessary.

Thing is we are all in upheaval here completely decorating our main living space (and I mean EVERYTHING right down to sanding back and varnishing floors! :eek: :( :( ) Anyway to come tot he point my partner suddenly starts up at me about my (beloved) hi-fi and how it is really a bit of an eyesore and particularly the (hi-fi double strand heavy duty copper matched pair) speaker cables are really ugly wires. This gets me even more :( plus a bit :mad: because no way is she going to understand about sound quality.

Now I will compromise on some things, like I cannot have speakers away from walls like they should be, but I am curious if there is any hi-fi system that could enable wireless speakers? I guess it is either that or MORE major work burying them in the walls!!!

If anyone has good ideas to bury this arguement they will be much appreciated - oh and one thing, the non-negotiable part of my music system is the core, the amp and pre-amp which are Quad 306 series and I have every intention of keeping and using for rest of my natural life.... :cool:


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The first question would be, does wireless speakers exist at the moment? I havent seen or heard of any yet. If they do, I would also be quite interested. :)


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yeah - they exist

It is possible - see here but I would sort of like to hear from anyone using anything like this. I am very aware my I/R headphones are very very far from hi-fi and have no idea if wireless is a realistic option for a reasonably hi-fidelity system.


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There are wireless speakers available, not sure from who though. if you're already remodeling, why don't you take the opp to run the wires under the floor or behind baseboards?


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Wireless speakers are available, but I would not recommend them a bit. Plus, with the amps you are going to use it would be a waste to use the wireless speakers that do exist.

As for wireless hi-fi, I won't say it's impossible but you won't be seeing it for a long time... if you ever see it at all.

I was actually having a similar discussion with my boss, who is an A/V guru (I am an A/V installer). He said that it probably won't ever happen... the key word there being "probably."

You should definitely consider:
- Running wire through the attic, down the wall, and punching out where you want the speaker. If you want to go in-wall, then you don't even have to come out with the wire, and you can paint the speaker grill the same color as the wall.
- Bookshelf speakers can be hidden if you get creative.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
well the speakers would still need a power cable, since you would need to plug in the receiver and the speaker amp. Wireless speakers have the own amp, becuase you cannot send the power (watt) over wireless.

With wireless your just sending the signal and the amp IN the speaker amplifies this. So like I said you will still have to provicd power and batteries wont work well ;).


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Power is the main issue here. A digital signal could be sent to speakers and the speakers could receive the signal with no problem. It's the output of the signal that would be the issue since power isn't being sent.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
muzikool said:
Power is the main issue here. A digital signal could be sent to speakers and the speakers could receive the signal with no problem. It's the output of the signal that would be the issue since power isn't being sent.
thats what Im trying to say :)


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Yes - I did sort of realise this as I thought things through - and it starts to make no sense to put amps into speakers when you are talking about Quad 306 quality and want them to be discrete!

So - dumb thread, but nice fantasy idea? :eek:


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yes there are some wireless, most run on the 900 mhz range and a couple through to 2.4. However if your running that amp, I'm with Dreamliner take the time to run the wire through the walls, under the floor, or over the ceiling...or if you are really lazy there is hollowed out moulding available at home depot that you can run along the floor corner or celing corner, Just remember to use 12 gauge. Good Luck, my wife is a big fan of not seeing wires running all over the place.


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MTX makes some excellent in-wall speakers. I installed some 2 days ago for rear surrounds in a house, and it wasn't difficult at all... took about an hour. You might want to take a look at them or something similar.


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Hi-Fi/Wi-Fi really sounds like a good idea. I would rather run one 6 foot power cable to an outlet than a 30-40 foot cable through the walls, under the carpet or in the ceiling. I read this post last night but got caught up in the research for something that would meet the needs of a 5.1 digital A/V unit. Then I started looking for an amp to power my sub. Needless to say there are people who are working on hi-fi/wi-fi speaker systems. I'll give you the link as soon as I find it again.

Here it is, but it's application is only in stereo.


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I know sony has a wireless setup for the surrounds. I guess it all depends on your setup if you have a big amp, to hell with wireless, run wire, if you are not interested in premium speakers or big amps wi-fi it. However you really need to listen to your setup. I think for a small room wifi might be a good choice, however as my AV room is rather large I go with the wired approach. kinda depends on how lazy you are too. Me, I'm all for knocking a hole through the wall to run cable underneath the house. My father-in-law is a contractor so I'm a happy guy :D


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Thank you for finding our wireless products, however our solution is not
just for stereo, it really depends on how many transmitters you install.

Even this high end wireless solution is great without signal lost, but it is
not for everyone.The known interference will be form 2.4 GHz wireless
network card ( depend on the preset channel), and some 2.4 GHz channel
hopping wireless phone in short range contact.

Whenever people use the 2.4 GHz channel hopping devices(no preset channel),
they pretty much occupy every channels back & forth, because the sound quality
and signal delay are not their concern, but that is everything to
our devices, because we need to use fixed channel to insure the sonic
quality.( our devices have 8 switchable channels).

You can use the following exterior solutions to be cable-free, I think the
wireless applications one need are:

1.One transmitter (Connect transmitter to your source or amplifier, one
transmitter can provide 2 different channels of signals, "broadcasting" to
unlimited receivers.) ---> one receiver ( connect to you own amp. then
connect to speakers)

2.One transmitter ( Connect transmitter to your source or amplifier, one
transmitter can provide 2 different channels of signals, "broadcasting" to
unlimited receivers.) ---> two wireless digital amp. ( connect to speakers).
Our amp. is utilizing Flying Mole technology.

If one can't wait till the products on the market, we have product demo
agreement w/ Demo fees.( usually, we only offer this to dealer, but
exceptions have been made), which allow people to use them, test them, but
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