Wireless Ad-Hoc Network with No Internet?


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22 Feb 2005
This is a crazy idea I had that I have been trying to put into use. I have a Windows XP laptop with integrated wireless and a friend with integrated wireless. We would like to be able to form an ad-hoc wireless network in which there is no connection to the internet and play Starcraft (a multiplayer RTS) over the network. I believe that to accomplish this I would need to run a DHCP server and somehow get one of the computers to act as a router, but I really do not know how I would do this (I could do it with Linux, but not windows). Before anyone says anything, I cannot put linux on either of the laptops.

How would I do this?
You don't necessarily need DHCP, just assign a static IP and subnet mask to each wireless card. Omit the gateway and DNS and you should be good to go.
Is there any way I could simlify the process by using DHCP? if you are just assigning a static IP, could you have a DHCP server dealing them out instead?
Well you could setup the desktop with ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and I believe that would enable some sort of DHCP setup. You could just buy a wireless router for $50 or so.

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